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For any construction and remodeling project you are looking to have in your home, contact our experts for additional information and a free consultation for the following services:


At High Class Builders we provide a variety of additions for your home. Including, home addition, room addition, and second story addition.
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Bathroom Remodelling

One specialty at High Class Builders is bathroom remodeling. which is consequently a great way to increase the value of your home and get an elegant, clean, and functional space.
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Custom Home

When looking for a unique and brand new space, High Class Builders will provide you with a custom home, whether by building on a new lot, or by tearing down an old home.
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Home Remodeling

Home remodeling falls into many categories. Whether you are looking to update a few rooms, or simply looking to change the floors in your home. After all High Class Builders can provide it.
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Kitchen Remodelling

High Class Builders believes that being the heart of the home, a kitchen remodeling project can instantly provide more style, functionality, and increase your home overall value.
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Whether painting the interior, exterior, walls, or ceilings, High Class Builders will provide you with samples, designs, and tips. As a result taking your home from ordinary to extraordinary.
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High Class Builders specializes in all aspects of electrical work. Including, electrical upgrades, electrical wiring, smart house building, and more.
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Building a brand new pool, retiling a pool, or fixing anything that has to do with your pool, can in fact be properly fixed with the help of High Class Builders.
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Reroofing a home requires a professional builder and permits. In addition, additions require a roof. High Class Builders has the tools and builders for all your roofing needs.
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At High Class Builders we believe that having a properly standing home is beyond a simple necessity. Especially living in an area prone to earthquakes, which can result in the foundation of the home moving.
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Windows and Doors

For High Class Builders changing and updating windows and doors are an easy task. As a result providing functionally, energy efficiency, and increase to your home value.
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