Our Services and Specialties

At High Class Builders we provide a variety of remodeling and over all construction services to fit your wants and needs. We understand that not all homes are created equal, and that each individual is looking for a different style, design, and functionality in a home.

When looking to make a change in your home, give us a call and we will be with you every step of the way regardless of the service, helping you from the initial free inspection to the final coat of paint or screw in the wall. Taking your budget into consideration is key to a successful remodeling project, and that will be used to determine how to go about the service you are looking for and providing you with the home of your dreams without breaking your bank.

The following are the services offered by us at High Class Builders:


When looking for an addition in your home, you can choose between a home additions, room additions, and second story additions.
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Bathroom Remodeling:

A bathroom remodeling project can be done on a single bathroom or multiple bathrooms regardless of size.
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Custom Homes:

When looking for a custom home, you can build one on a new empty lot, or by tearing down an old home and building a new one.
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Home Remodeling:

An overall home remodeling can focus on a few rooms or a few projects to both the interior and exterior of the home.
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Kitchen Remodeling:

A kitchen remodeling can be used for an update of style, rearrangement of elements, and expansion of the kitchen size.
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Painting is an easy update to the home that can instantly upgrade the look and atmosphere for both the interior, exterior, and any other element.
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Safety and energy efficiency are equally important and can be achieved through electrical rewiring, electrical upgrades, and smart home building.
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In a place like California where the sun is mostly out, a pool can become a necessity. Have yourself a nice pool with our help for pool remodeling, pool retiling, and brand new pool building.
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No home can function without a roof, for that reason we offer reroofing, new roofing installation, and damage roof restoration.
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The structure of your home is extremely important and should not be taken lightly, especially in areas prone to earthquakes. Retrofitting will make your home stronger.
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Windows and Doors:

All homes need windows and doors. We provide windows and doors replacement and installation based on your needs.
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